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My name is Renata. I was born in Russia, and I have lived in America for over 18 years. I am the middle of five children, all of whom are adopted as well. I live each day with the disability cerebral palsy. Though it causes me pain, it does not define me. I am a young woman after God’s heart.

In my current season of life, I am a newlywed, a college student, and I work full-time. I attend a local university, majoring in communication. The grammar nerd in me loves reading, writing, and ambiguity. It is my dream to mesh the two degrees by traveling and sharing my testimony. Additionally, one of my life goals includes writing an autobiography. Hopefully, this blog will only be the beginning.

No matter what season of life I am in, there are three facts about me that remain true: First, God is my savior and Lord. Nothing and no one come before Him. I am His beloved, and He is my rock.

Second, I am one of the most honest people you will ever meet. There is something amazing about being real with people and letting them know they are not alone, that God does have a greater plan and purpose in mind, though we may not understand it at the time.

As a writer, I will never hesitate to express my hurts, pains, joys, and questions. In those moments, we can learn the most about each other.

Third, though I seem extroverted, I am an introvert at heart. A fun evening for me is one filled with reading, writing, or spending time with my husband or a few close friends.

Ever since I was a junior in high school, I wanted to create a blog. Life got ahead of me, and I did not get to it until now. Though it is much later than I originally anticipated, my reasons for creating it have not changed:

Creating a blog is not just about writing to me, but it is about sharing my story with the world. For, I firmly believe I have a story worth sharing.

Typically, posts will consist of my life experiences, past and present, along with a touch of future ambitions. There is nothing more beautiful to me than sharing stories, especially about how God has and continues to transform my life.

I love hearing other people’s testimonies because that is the one story no one can tell you is wrong. No one can take away your life story. My life story is not the prettiest, but it is one I love because it is the one God created for me.

Along with story-telling, I greatly enjoy deep, philosophical conversations and thoughts. Often times, I will hear or see something and think about it for days. Many times, I will vocalize what I saw, heard, felt, or wondered and ask for others’ thoughts.

This blog is not just a place for you all to hear from me, but a platform for me to hear from you, too. It is almost a foreign concept in today’s society to carry on in a deep, meaningful conversation, to openly express ideas and thoughts. I hope to change that even a little bit through this blog.

Lastly, I post something new every Thursday. Do not hesitate to make suggestions either; I am always open for growth. I greatly look forward to going on this journey with all of you.




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  1. Hi Renata!
    We are taking a communications class together this term. I saw on your intro that you wrote a blog. I love following blogs so I decided to find yours! I love your openness to sharing your testimony and sharing your life with whoever will read. I also think it’s cool you’re from Russia. Have you ever traveled back there? “See” you in class! Kayla

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    1. Kayla,

      Wow! Thank you! I enjoy being an open and honest person, especially for the sweet name of Jesus. I have not traveled back to Russia. I don’t know if I ever will either. I know I won’t anytime soon, that’s for sure.

      I am proud to be Russian, but I still do have some feelings to work through, in regards to my adoption and life as an orphan prior to finding a family. I’ve written three posts about my thoughts on Russia. They would be a far better resource about my true feelings about the nation and my adoption than a small comment. 🙂

      Here are the links to them if you’d like to read them: https://coffeesoothesthesoul.wordpress.com/2015/12/24/from-russia-to-america-my-answers-to-common-questions



      If you’d like to know more after reading the blog posts, I’d be more than happy to answer the questions to the best of my ability. Thanks for finding my blog and for following along! Indeed, “see” you in class!



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