My Kind of Adventure: Trying New Foods

curiousity-quote-walt-disneyI wouldn’t consider myself an adventurous person. I am not an adrenaline junky. But, I would say I am curious. I am a risk taker.

Let me explain.

I know myself well enough to know my likes and dislikes for the most part. However, I know I could always be wrong. Generally speaking, I believe in the benefit of the doubt.

That benefit of the doubt is what motivates and encourages me to try something at least once before making a final decision, before committing to a choice.

I use this mentality in several areas of my life. However, the area I use it in most is with food, as I’ve touched on before.

It is that same benefit of the doubt that convinced me to try sushi for the first time a couple weeks ago. The consensus? I LOVED it. I am a believer in sushi!

In fact, I found myself craving the leftover sushi we had. I wanted to have more sushi. Honestly, I am not surprised by the result simply because of how I go about making said decisions.

I believe in authenticity throughout every portion of my life.

As a result, I always vouch to try something in its most authentic form. I couldn’t comfortably make an opinion on sushi from a Podunk Chinese buffet. It just didn’t feel right or fair to myself or the sushi!

Therefore, I chose the most-acclaimed, genuine sushi place in town. I also invited a couple I know who spent some time in Japan to come along with me and my husband. They helped us go outside of our comfort zone. We got to try a smorgasbord of options, giving us a little taste of everything.

In my limited options, I think I got to try the closest thing to going directly to Japan. However, I do have plans to try sushi anytime I am near the coast. I can only imagine how much better it will taste. I guess I’ll have to wait and see!

Regardless, I am glad I did it. I am glad my curiosity resulted in finding a new food I love! However, I also would’ve been okay if I did find out I did not like sushi. No matter the outcome, I can be at peace knowing I tried something in its truest form.

Nonetheless, it’s absolutely wonderful to know if my husband and I were craving something a little different, sushi is now an option.

I think life is too short to not try something at least once. I have had people compliment me on my willingness to take the plunge of affirming my opinion or surprising myself. More often than not, I prove myself wrong.

The next items on my list are ramen, vegan food, and pad Thai.

I’d love to hear what foods you all love that you didn’t think you’d like! I am completely open to seeing my list of items grow. Like I said, life is too short not to.




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