My Video Game Life: Time to Unwind

The perfect time to relax.jpg

Growing up, I owned a Gameboy and a Nintendo DS. My family also had a Wii and Game Cube. Other than that, we didn’t have many video games. I remember spending hours having a blast playing Mario Kart and Wii bowling and tennis. If I wasn’t playing the Wii or Mario Kart, I was playing with my Nintendo DS. One could either find me playing with the “take care of my dog” game or playing Brain Age.

I absolutely LOVED playing Brain Age. I probably played it more than any other video game I had. I loved the challenge the game brought. Plus, I could spend hours completing Sudoku puzzles. Needless to say, I was a bit of a nerd. Heck, I am still a bit of a nerd. I am more than okay with this.

All this to say, though, after I moved out, I didn’t really have time for video games, nor did I take any with me to college. I haven’t lived at home for a few years now. It wasn’t until this past week that my husband and I finally invested in our first video game system since getting married.

We got a Nintendo Switch.

Let me tell you, we spent weeks scoping them out. After a couple weeks of actively looking and checking in stock options online, we decided we wouldn’t pursue getting a Nintendo Switch.

We decided, yeah, it’d be cool to have one, but we aren’t going to actively look anymore. We would simply walk by the gaming section of Wal-Mart. We thought we almost found one a few weeks ago at Game Stop, but alas, it was a false alarm.

So, when we actually saw one at our local Walmart, we couldn’t believe it. We even asked an associate to make sure it was legit. Sure enough, two systems came in that morning. We were so pumped.

Now, I will say, neither of us is really a gamer. We have more educational, strategy board games than anything else. So, we wanted to get something we could play if friends came over. Or, simply so the two of us could unwind and spend time together without the strenuous effort that comes with strategy games. In fact, we try to dedicate Sunday evenings to game nights. We thought the Nintendo Switch would fit our needs and be a quality product.

So, yes, I got a Nintendo Switch. I don’t think I will play it every day, but it sure does add to my excitement of coming home after a long day at work.  And I am not one who usually gets excited about video games! But, I think—in fact, I know—this will bring me back to the good old days of playing the Wii with the bonus of having my husband alongside me.

My call to you is: Find a way to unwind that you can enjoy. Find some place, game, show, you name it, that helps you take a breather from the busyness of life and just breathe. But, don’t let it take over your life. Remind yourself of its purpose—to help you unwind.




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