Life’s Surprises: Trying New Things

Never be afraid to try something new quote

In the past week, I have done two things I don’t typically do. First, I got my nails done with my grandma, which I had never done before, Then, I got a haircut. Haircuts aren’t necessarily new to me. Nevertheless, their frequency is.

For instance, I cut my hair for the first time in five years in 2016. During those five years, I mainly went in for routine trims. Of course, I did not realize how long my hair truly was until I cut it. Last year, I cut off 14 inches of hair. I still can’t believe it.

Fast forward to earlier this week…I cut my hair a little over a year later. I wouldn’t have even considered getting a cut that soon again, say three years ago. But, cutting my hair and getting my nails done taught me a few things about life.

Getting my nails done and getting my haircut taught me all women have their own forms of refreshment and feminine self-care. Getting my nails done is usually not on my list, but it is for my grandma. The experience was just about as slightly uncomfortable as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to understand life from grandma’s perspective.

Getting my haircut isn’t typically high on the list either. But, it was one of those times I could desperately feel the need, regardless of my normal tendencies. I was a bit nervous to go at first, as I went to a stylist I’d never been to before. Lo and behold, I am so glad I went. The cut was incredible.

There’s something intimidating, yet utterly refreshing about trying new things. It’s intimidating to have no experience to look back on as a reference point. Yet, it is refreshing to leave a new situation and realize not only was it fun and exciting, but it was beneficial even in the smallest capacity.

As I continually try new experiences, I further realize a bad haircut or a bad nail day are fixable. Maybe not instantaneously, but not all hope is lost. Hair will eventually grow back and nail polish will eventually chip away.

Much of what is in the world is temporary, even us. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful are all temporary. Their seasons will come and go just as the blowing wind.

My call to you is this: Try new things. Anything. It can be baking, it can be reading a different book genre, it can be getting your nails done, it can be trying origami. The possibilities are endless. The point is, go for it.

You may end up leaving a situation with no difference of opinion or you may be pleasantly surprised. The point is to try it. Don’t live in fear of something going badly. It is only temporary.




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