The Power of Prayer: Come As You Are

1 John 5-14Prayer is an interesting topic. It is one of those things we talk about, yet still feel somewhat awkward about. I think when it comes to the Christian faith, prayer is something we continually must remind ourselves actually works. I myself was reminded of this while on a small excursion this past weekend. We’ll dive more into that later.

Anywho, you know what I mean. We are in a frazzled state; we have reached what feels like the end of our rope; we do not know what to do. Then, we think, “Oh, I guess I could pray about it.” Prayer is almost like a second thought. We forget it’s an option. But, most importantly, we forget the power of it. I identify with the scenario quite a bit.

Nevertheless, I am here to tell you, prayer works. It truly does. Prayer isn’t some magical equation or formula. It is simply a conversation with God, as it would be with anyone else. Prayer does not have a lengthy list of requirements to make God hear you. He will hear you in every kind and form, whether it be a short or long; filled with despair or overflowing with joy.

God doesn’t care how or when you come to Him. He calls us to pray incessantly because we can pray anywhere at any time. I used to think prayer had to be in the form of kneeling at my bedside, head bowed, eyes closed, and hands together. It doesn’t have to be.

Most of the time, I find myself praying whilst at work or completing the most mundane chores. If I think about something or someone that needs prayer, I silently pray for them right then and there. God already knows our thoughts, so it shouldn’t be awkward to silently speak to Him.

I am also not a long-winded person when it comes to prayer. My prayers are short and to the point. Although they may be short and to the point, my heart is fully invested in the conversation of thanksgiving and supplication with the Lord.

In my walk with God, I have continuously learned God does not want an equation, formula, or set of rules when we come to Him. He simply wants us. He wants our hearts. He wants our deep, longing desire to know Him and love Him more with each passing day.

He wants our heart, mind, and soul invested in Him utterly and completely. The manifestation of complete surrender is unique to each follower and child of God, just as He intended. We are not cookie-cutter people. Therefore, we need to stop treating ourselves as cookie-cutter children of God.

All this to say, pray as God calls you. Don’t force it. Don’t try to fit some mold you learned in children’s church. Be present with God, in whatever form or habit is most suitable for you. Most importantly, trust that God hears you. I can assure you, He does.

If you are uncertain if God hears your prayers, recall a moment in your life when you felt a sense of peace or clarity after praying about it. For example, last weekend, my husband and I went on a small excursion. During the trip, he forgot to take his medication one night.

We both woke up freaking out, anxious, and stressed. We somewhat beat ourselves up about it, simply wondering how two people could neglect to remember something that important (we are human after all).

After the initial response, we both realized we could not change the previous night’s events. Therefore, instead of being stressed and anxious until the following evening, we decided to pray about it. It was a quick little prayer. It was not fancy, but it was heartfelt.

We asked God to protect my husband’s health throughout the day, that the both of us would have a sense of peace, and that we would be able to comfortably enjoy the plans we had for the day if it was His will. God provided. God answered our prayers. We stuck to our plans for the day…and my husband even got to enjoy some cheesecake! Best of all, he did not forget to take his medicine that night.

My call to you is this: Pray. Talk with God. Share your thanksgiving and supplication with Him in whatever way works best for you. Be rest assured, God already knows what’s in your heart. He isn’t surprised. Don’t act like you must get your words perfect for Him, then. He already knows. Who do you think placed those thoughts in your heart and mind in the first place? God did. Therefore, come to Him as you are.

If you are new to prayer, take it one prayer at a time if that’s what works for you. God will continually show you His faithfulness in His perfect timing. One day, you will be able to look back at your life and pinpoint all the moments when God has proven His faithfulness. The answered prayers may not come in your intended form, timing, or method, but they will come just as God destined.

Be rest assured, God is the power behind prayer. It’s as simple as that.




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