Our Bodies: Not Just Loose Counterparts

1 Corinthians 6-20

Recently, someone made quite the observation about me. It was not a bad one. In fact, I am grateful for the observation. Not only was I grateful for it, but it also made me respect the person more. I respected this person more for their assertiveness in the regard.

It showed the person cared about me enough to make sure I knew. Some people may take the directness as poor execution, but the circumstances made it completely acceptable and welcomed. I learned some lessons from it as well.

The direct observation showed me just how quickly life can go by without us truly noticing a change within ourselves, good and bad. It can be hard to somewhat self-evaluate oneself. Nevertheless, the recent experience taught me it is more necessary than we think.

On the flip side, it showed just how much the everyday hustle and bustle of life can wear down our bodies. It’s easy to convince ourselves we aren’t overworking or we aren’t too stressed. But our bodies respond to how we treat them and the experiences we go through.

Therefore, if you are going through a tough patch in life, your body will probably show it, even you do not intend it to. Our bodies are fine-tuned instruments designed to help us live each day. A fine-tuned instrument will eventually start to wither with enough wear and tear.

I am not trying to say avoid stress or life in general, entirely. I am simply saying, know your limits. Let go of what is out of your control, regardless of how much it may eat you up. If a situation is not out of your control, focus on the real crux of the matter. Disregard the loose ends that may come with it, if possible. Focus on the heart of the issue one step at a time. Don’t try to solve your problems overnight.

The experience also taught me how important it is to see medical professionals on a yearly basis. It is important to continuously see people outside of our personal circle on a regular basis. They can see us in a way no one else can. They can look at us, listen to us, observe us, and help us understand our lives.

Most importantly, the experience taught me our bodies truly are temples for God’s glory. God did not intend for us to abuse and use our bodies. He meant for us to honor them as part of His Kingdom. Therefore, treat them well. Live a balanced life. Eat well. Exercise. Relax. Laugh.

My call to you is this: Be aware of your body. Watch it change. Listen to what it’s telling you. Just know, your body is feeling and experiencing whatever emotions or situations right alongside you. Your body is not just some loose counterpart. It is YOU. Therefore, do all you can to care for it, nourish it, and treat it well.

Also, find someone in your life who can be there to make observations when necessary. Most importantly, be okay with direct observations from medical and psychological professionals. Your care is their ultimate goal, no matter their specialty or area of expertise.

If it sounded vague in any way, please forgive me. I am still trying to learn from the recent experience. Nevertheless, one thing is clear, it is worth taking the time and energy to care for oneself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, in whatever means may deem necessary or most suitable.




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