Change: Inevitable and Necessary

Psalm 102-27

I am sure I have said this before, but it is worth mentioning again. I am not a fan of change. Change scares me. It doesn’t scare me because I lose the control, though that could be part of it, depending on the day. Change scares me because it requires putting myself out there, in a way.

Even though I have this blog, I still deeply desire to protect parts of my life. Change does not always allow that. Change also opens me up to one of my biggest fears in life—rejection. It is in these moments of uncertainty I must trust God the most.

Change requires me to introduce myself, present myself, and somewhat convince someone of something. That something could be to give me a job. It could be to befriend me. It could be to simply say hello.

It seems as if I am in a season of life where change is practically inevitable. Just as I get used to one thing or another, it’s time to begin anew with something completely different. Ironically, there is stability in my life right now. And there is chaos. But, I think it’s like this for a reason.

I think if our lives were consistent down to the nitty gritty details, we would depend on only ourselves. I think God purposely orchestrates change to remind us that He is in ultimate control of our lives and this universe. He is reminding us, though our lives may change, He remains the same.

I think God also orchestrates change to remind our often complacent hearts that He is with us every single step in life. He is there reminding us He is walking alongside us in this life journey. 

Most importantly, I think change occurs to remind us there is always something far better for us in life. I am not saying that means we are to be discontent with life. I think it is to show that, even if we think we are in the best position in life, God has far better and bigger plans than we could ever imagine.

Getting to this place of bigger and better is not an easy task. It requires faith and perseverance, whether it happens swiftly overnight or at the speed of molasses.

I simply ask you one thing: Please pray for me. Pray that may find clarity in my chaos. Pray that I may cling to the Cross. Pray that I jump into the unknown with a firm grasp of Christ’s love, guidance, and peace.

My call to you is simple. Take change head on. Don’t live in fear of the unknown, rather cling to the One who knows.




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