My Stubborn Nature: Part of God’s Plan


I’ve briefly touched on this before, but I believe it is worth addressing in a fuller capacity. I am a stubborn person. That’s right. I always have been and there is a good chance I always will be.

I know I always have been because I wasn’t supposed to live. I was six weeks premature and weighed no more than three pounds. I fit into the palm of my doctor’s hand. Yet, by God’s perfect plan, I lived. I think God’s intention to give me life when I may not have had it in the first place is a constant reminder of where my stubbornness came from.

I am stubborn in other ways. Not only do I fight for causes with every fiber of my being, but I don’t waver in my opinions either. Some may call this close-minded. There are times when it probably is. But, I think it goes a long way to know someone can stand for their convictions, even when everyone else around tries to say otherwise.

I very much believe in a traditional way of thinking and attitudes. I believe in justice. I believe in truth. I believe in structure and having a rhyme or reason behind an action or behavior. I believe in track records. I struggle to believe against time and time again patterns.

I maintain a black and white, all or nothing attitude about many portions of my life. I often see things as they are, and not as society believes they ought to be. I am a realist who harbors the ability to simplify problems down to their basic core.

I can easily make a decision based on the basic principles involved. It’s learning to deal with the feelings that overflow after that can be challenging. In other words, it can be challenging for me to see why others do not have the same black and white, all or nothing attitude that I do. Again, there is the stubbornness in me.

My stubbornness is one of the many aspects of my personality that allows me to be unapologetically me. It allows me to embrace myself for who I am. I know stubbornness isn’t the best “quality” in today’s open-minded, open-arms society.

But, I believe there is something to be said for standing true to values and convictions. I believe there is something to be said for not living life in a gray area. I believe at the end of the day, when the world has come and gone, and we are left to stand in front of God, stubbornness will be rewarded.

No, I do not mean those who are not stubborn will not see the kingdom of God. But, I do mean, God will honor those, stubborn or not, who stood for His truths and law in a world filled with people who want nothing to do with Him.

This may sound harsh, but I don’t intend to shy away from what I know is true. It may not be what the world preaches, but it matters. My heart has been heavy with judgment day a lot lately. There will come a day when Jesus Christ will come again. Where will you be then? Will you be able to call the Kingdom of God home?

I leave with you this: If you aren’t stubborn, that’s okay. Yet, I fully believe, stubborn or not, standing in your convictions matters. Living in a black and white world is okay. If you are stubborn, see it as a gift and blessing. Don’t feel like you have to change or morph into something or someone the world proclaims.




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