A Profound Truth: God Grieves Over Sin


I stumbled upon a profound, life-changing Bible verse this week. It struck me and moved me to my core. It made me appreciate God even more. As I was reading about Noah’s Ark in Genesis 6, I read this verse, “The Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart,” Genesis 6:6.

Reading this verse taught me a few lessons about the majesty of God. First of all, no matter how much we want to deny it, God truly does hate sin. It truly does break His heart. In fact, he wiped the whole Earth away in a flood because of how disgusted He was by man’s sinful, wicked behavior.

How sinful and wicked do we have to be to make the God who created us sorry that He made man and grieve? I’d say fairly sinful. Sin is no joke to God. Not only does it offend Him and detest His righteous, it also hurts Him.

Prior to reading the above verse, I often wondered if God had experienced sad emotions towards our sin. I knew He could deeply hurt because He turned His face away when His Son died on the cross. The atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ, hurt Him so much that He could not even watch.

But, I never knew God could be angry, jealous, disgusted and sad about sin. I never knew God could break His heart over His own creation. I don’t view that as a form of superior power. Rather, I view this as a form of empathy and grace.

People tend to view God as this distant, lofty, know-it-all, too good for me being. But, really, God is not distant. Rather, His is ever-present and fervently dedicated to His plans for us. He is better and stronger than we could ever imagine. He is perfect and infallible.

Just as His Son, Jesus, felt every emotion we could ever feel, so has God. So, not only did Jesus weep, but God also grieved.

I challenge you to take a single passage in the Bible and use it as an opportunity to learn about God. He is superior. He is all-knowing. He deserves to be made known among all the nations and realms of the Earth.

Use that passage to discover a nugget of truth about God. You don’t have to read the whole Bible to learn more about Him and His majesty. You simply have to be willing to read with an open heart, mind, and soul, actively seeking to know more about Him and His ways.




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