Social Media: Examining My Presence

social-media-felicia-dayAbout once every two weeks or so, someone recommends a movie or television show to me. My response usually is, “Okay, I’ll let you know what I think of it when I see it in five years.” The comment tends to catch people off guard, but it is an honest representation of my life. I am not a fads or trends person. I often see the biggest blockbusters, wear the trendiest outfits, or read a best-seller long after the initial hype is gone.

I am no different with my social media. In fact, I don’t even make use of most forms of social media. I have a Twitter account, but I maybe look at it once a month. I used to have a Facebook, but I deactivated it a couple months ago. Although, that is not the first time I’ve deactivated it either. I may reactive it someday. For now, I enjoy one less distraction.

My most used social media applications are Instagram and YouTube if you want to call YouTube a social media platform, that is. I know there are countless other social media platforms. I simply don’t see the mass appeal or even need.

Honestly, I would categorize myself as the silent social media user. In other words, I am that person who likes a bunch of photos on Instagram or watches a ton of videos on YouTube without having any presence of my own.

I could go months without updating a Facebook status, liking a YouTube video, or uploading an Instagram photograph. Guess what? I am more than okay with this. I am okay with this because I mainly use social media to gush over dogs, watch my friends’ children grow, glean home décor ideas, and learn recipes. I probably look at more dog photos on my social media than anything else, though.

I like to see what is going on in others’ lives without having to respond. I like seeing others’ lives, who are willing to share, without having to share my own. In a way, this blog is somewhat of my “Here’s what’s going on in my life” without too many specifics. And well, I enjoy this blog. Beyond this, I don’t see the need, nor do I have the desire.

I negate from using social media as a platform to get into fights or share my values or perspective. How I see it, one social media comment thread or post will not ultimately change someone’s opinion. It may get them thinking about other perspectives. But, it won’t change their opinion. It takes an honest, genuine, and open relationship with someone to do that. Without it, you simply have an argument for the sake of an argument.

I may not be like all the other extremely successful bloggers who refer their posts to a myriad of social platforms. But, I am genuine, even if no one reads what I have to say. My blog is here for anyone who is willing to listen.

My challenge to you: Ask yourself what social media platforms you have and why. If you’ve ever felt the nudge to take a cleanse from the nonsense for a bit, do it. You’ll quickly realize the world moves on with or without your social media presence.

If you don’t have a social media presence, good for you! If you’ve gone this long without it, it isn’t bad. Don’t feel like you have to be part of the “in crowd.” Simply, don’t feel pressured to do something you are more than okay without. Just as the movies I watch, clothes I wear, and books I read, the initial hype will fade.

If you need a social media presence for business or whatnot, do not shy away from looking at who or what all you follow. Don’t hesitate to unfriend or unfollow someone. I try my best to follow the rules, “Have I talked to you in the last year?” and simply, “Do I want to know what’s going on in your life, even if we don’t talk much?” I soon realized there were a lot of people whom I did not need to follow but did.

I know not everyone is like me. Nevertheless, I fully believe it is worth examining how and why you use social media. The answer may surprise you.





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