My 2017: Nearly a Year of Studies


The past month of my life has been such a blur—a joyous blur. A blur, nonetheless, as I am sure it has been for nearly everyone else. I love the holiday season. I love celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth, I love spending quality time with my husband, I love eating great food, and I love laughing with family.

Yet, because the holiday season is so busy, I often feel like I do not get a break. As much as I love the holiday season, sometimes it gives me slight anxiety as well. The holiday season can be stressful for the introvert in me. I dislike being around bunches of people and many obligations without time to recharge.

The holiday season can stress me out because I can go days without having some time to myself. I can go days with obligation after obligation. Sometimes, I feel as if, even though I am not in school, I am just as stressed as if I was in school. Sometimes, I feel as if I am trying to juggle the same load, despite having no homework.

I could go on, but I will not. I will simply say any true introvert will completely understand what I mean. For those of you who may not be introverted, consider those you know.

Now that the holiday season has come and gone, I still have some anxiety. It is not tumultuous. I knew it would come, too. By this time next week, I will be back in school. By this time next week, my month-long break from academics will be over.

By this time next week, I will begin going to school non-stop for the next 11 months. I will not have another extended break, i.e. more than a day for another 11 months. I knew this would happen when I decided to obtain my degree at my current university.

My current schedule, degree path, and university were all my choosing—with God’s guidance and direction. But, I chose to embark on my schooling in this manner. I chose to have a crazy 2017 to ensure I would get my degree sooner.

But, it does not mean I am not still slightly anxious. I think my current emotions and thoughts go to show that no matter how much we think we are ready for a situation, there will come a day when the reality of it all sinks in like a ton of bricks. There will come a day when we wonder why we were crazy enough to agree to such a plan in the first place.

In the middle of that, though, God will be there. God will be there to calm our anxious hearts. He will be there to say this is part of My perfect plan for your life. I will be with you every step of the way, just as I was when you first decided to go on this [academic] journey—or whatever it may be.

It is because of this truth in Christ that I gladly tell you my present anxieties. It is because of my faith in Christ that I know, although the journey will be long, stressful, and tiring, God would not have ordained it any other way. I want you to know where I am and what this year will look like for me.

I simply ask if you could say a prayer for me. Pray that I will remain diligent in my studies; pray that I may not lose sight of the journey set before me; pray that I may find my strength in Jesus Christ; pray that I may not let my studies take precedence over my relationship with God or my marriage.

Thank you for reading, dear friends. You have no idea how much this blog blesses me. I hope and pray this blog blesses you, too. I look forward to embarking on 2017 with you—slightly sleep-deprived, a touch stressed, and deeply rooted in the love only found in the Lord Jesus Christ.




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