My Sweet Assurance: Jesus Reigns


This week is a first for me with this blog. For once, I have hardly any ideas on what to write about. I do mean hardly any.

All the ideas I do have require much more time than I have allotted at the moment. With each idea, I consistently come back to one simple truth in my life.

Jesus reigns.

There is nothing grander I can say than this. Jesus reigns.

This past week has been like any other for me. For others, it has been an extreme whirlwind of a week. But, for me, it’s been like any other.

I have a sense of peace and assurance in this truth. No matter how chaotic or calm my life has been, currently is, or will be, Jesus reigns.

Jesus is sovereign.

I find great comfort knowing I do not have to consume myself with the ins and outs of my life. Yes, life can be stressful at times, no doubt. But, God is in control. Always.

It is exciting to me that God has ordained all the days of my life. I have no idea where He will lead until He calls me home, but I do know it will be incredible.

No matter how much crazier my life story may get, it is all part of God’s perfect plan. There is an assurance in a perfect God. He can’t mess up. He didn’t mess up. He won’t mess up.

That’s someone worthy of praise. Someone who chose to make me and give me breath is worth praising. Someone mighty, powerful, just, holy, and righteous.

It’s not scary to know God is all those things and more. It’s revering.

I leave you this: I hold very strongly in my belief in Jesus Christ. I always will. My faith may waver in times of tragedy or uncertainty, but I will never stop believing Jesus Christ reigns over all. I will never stop believing He has my life and the entire world’s plans ordained.




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