I Took A Risk: My Afterthoughts

Risks by Richard Branson

I took a risk awhile back. It wasn’t a small one either. In fact, it was probably one of the biggest risks I have taken as an adult. The specifics of this said risk are not as important as the lessons it taught me. In the time since it occurred, I have learned a few things about myself and life in general.

In less than ten words, I found out how important it is to speak your mind. I learned how it important it is to believe in yourself. I learned how important it is to know your limits, to step away from a situation and really look at it. I learned how important it is to use both your mind and your heart in a decision.

Did I mention it was a big risk? It was.

While we are on the often talked about topic of risks, let me say that I don’t intend to be like every other blogger on the internet. I don’t intend to say what every blog says about this or that hot topic. In fact, I don’t really know what I am going to say until I sit down and write.

Sometimes, yes, it may be a little cliché. Other times, it may be completely off the wall. Simply put, when I began this blog, I did not intend to share my wisdom with others. Rather, I intended to seek wisdom through written word about my day-to-day life.

Because my blog is a small look into my every day life, I don’t often know what to write about until I experience it. Sometimes, even, as I experience it right along with the readers. All this to say, bear with me. Risks matter, no matter how often others talk about them. Now, let’s revisit what I learned.

Again, what occurred is not the important fact of the matter. The afterthoughts are of more importance. First, I spoke my mind. I did not hold back from my observations or beliefs. I did not lurk and remain passive simply because I may have been the only one.

I am the type of person who does not think about whether or not someone else reciprocates my thoughts, attitudes, observations, or feelings before addressing them. I directly address them until change occurs. Some may call this stubborn. I call it driven and bold.

If risks needed someone else’s say or discretion, they wouldn’t be risks, to begin with. So, speak your mind. You’d be surprised who agreed with you, but remained silent. Your voice matters. Use it.

Second, I believed in myself. Now, there is a fine line between believing in oneself and pride. I believed in myself because I chose to not put my well-being second for once. By doing so, I saw myself as God saw me in His image and not the degrading image I allowed Satan to let me believe.

Risks require us to honestly see who we are as individuals. Otherwise, it’s not a risk. But merely, a skewed and messed up idea that will one day backfire. This risk taught me who I am in God’s image matters. It matters so much that He cares about my body, which is a temple for His glory.

Now that I was able to see myself in God’s image, I could step away from the situation and properly define it for what it was and not what I hoped it could be one day. I could set my limits. I could realistically examine how the situation impacted me. I could see when it was time for me to say, “Enough is enough.” I could longer lie to myself.

Most importantly, I learned how important it is to use your mind and your heart in a decision. The two go hand-in-hand more often than people may be led to believe. Your mind is there for the logical reasoning that is the foundation of a decision. Your heart, on the other hand, is the faith God gives us to trust Him and His will for our lives. Your heart is what ultimately allows you to take the leap of faith and trust that God has a plan. Your mind can help you beforehand. But, your heart is there every step of the way: before, during, and after.

Risks take faith. They take an understanding of something greater than ourselves. They take trusting in something beyond ourselves. Risks take running into the unknown head-on.

I am grateful for the leap of faith I recently took. I am grateful God led me to speak up. I am grateful God reminded me who I am in Him. I am grateful I knew my limits. Most importantly, I am grateful God was and will always be with me every step of the way.

I leave you with this: Be patient. Risks will be that much more successful when you have a bird’s eye view from every perspective. Yet, be diligent. Know when to act. In other words, don’t be ashamed to joyfully and intentionally understand the way God made you. He’ll lead you in whatever decision you may be unclear about.




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