A Desire of My Heart: My Ideal Home


One of the things I love most about marriage is being able to live life with another person. I love being able to build dreams with my husband and work together to turn them into a reality. It’s such a special feeling to know God gave me a man to walk alongside in all of life’s steps—big or small.

As we are about to embark on our second year of marriage, one dream is evident to us. We cannot wait to own a home. Growing up, I always wanted to have a home of my own. When I married my husband, I knew that desire of our hearts would one day come to fruition. I simply didn’t know when.

Although we don’t know when we will be homeowners, our idea of the ideal home has remained the same. We don’t want a big house. Much like our sense of clothing style, we like to have just what we need with a little bit of extra space and options. We want our home to be spacious, yet inviting and cozy. We want a home that logically makes use of a smaller space. I can’t tell you how many huge homes I’ve seen that don’t use the available space wisely.

We aren’t people who need much to be content, which is why we love the apartment we have. It’s the perfect size for two people. Also, having a smaller home will allow us to continue our lifestyle of only getting what we absolutely need. A bigger space means more unnecessary junk down the road.

When we seriously look for a home one day, we care about providing a space that is welcoming to guests. We definitely see ourselves as people who frequently have others over, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s possible to do so now with our current living space, but it can get a bit cramp and unmanageable at times.

With that in mind, our biggest concerns in a home are a large kitchen with plenty of counter space, an amicable-sized basement for entertaining, and a private dining room. Private for us means a space that only has a table with no access to a television or other distractions. In fact, no matter where we live, we will only have a television in the living room.

Also, we are adamant about having a guest room with a private bathroom. The lack of another living space for a guest has been the biggest hindrance in our apartment living at the moment. We have a lot of friends who are still in college or who frequently come from out of town. Our couch is fairly comfy, yes. But, nothing beats the coziness of a warm bed and private bath.

Before living in my apartment, I didn’t think I would want a space that has a bay window either. But, now, I couldn’t imagine living in a home that doesn’t have one. It’s amazing what other desires we have for a home. It’s incredible how unique they are to my husband and me.

Finding a home that fits our needs and desires may be difficult, but I know God will provide in His perfect will and timing. And every day, I thank God for giving me my husband and for leading us into marriage. I know no matter where I live, it will be incredible simply because it is God’s plan for my life and my marriage.





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