Capture Life: Take Photos and Videos


Growing up, my family didn’t take many photographs together. We mainly snapped a photograph for birthdays and the occasional vacation shot. Videoing occurred even less. Growing up, I thought that was okay.

But, now as an adult, I am adamant about remembering more moments through photographs and videos. I’ve realized photographs are wonderful, yes. But it is easy for all the events leading up to the snapshot to become blurry and a mere pigment of our memory.

Videos put pieces together. They showcase raw, authentic emotion. Videos allow people to be in the moment, to watch things happen as they unfold, not just through verbal communication years down the road from someone who was there. They provide a real-life screenplay. As a natural storyteller, it only makes sense to me.

This desire of my heart began to take root within this past year as I’ve watched many stories unfold each week on YouTube. You see, YouTube is filled with many wonderful learning tools and stories.

I mainly use the platform for storytelling purposes. I love getting to know others’ anyway I can. I am a people-watcher who desires to understand human behavior more beautifully each day. YouTube allows me to do just that.

Someone who began as a stranger to me is now someone whose life I like to keep up with, even if they don’t keep up with mine in return. It may sound a little crazy and a little weird, but I enjoy it in this current part of my life.

Outside of YouTube and on a more personal level, I seek to capture as many moments with my husband as I can That’s why, this past weekend, my husband and I photographed and videotaped any portion of our weekend long “stay -cation” that we could. When I say, that we could, I mean moments we felt were worth capturing.

Sometimes, I want to simply live in the moment. It reminds me of a scene in the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty when the infamous photographer, Sean, chose to not photograph a beautiful white tiger. He simply wanted to be in the moment, out from behind a camera lens.

I am still trying to create my line of which moments I should and should not capture. I will get there with time. All I do know is life is worth remembering in photographs and videos. Life is worth laughing over again and again. And sometimes, it is even worth crying over just so you can once again for a short time be with someone you love.

My call to you is simple: Take photos. Take videos. Capture life. Yet, know when it’s simply time to live it, too.





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