Life Update: An Unexpected Surgery


Sometimes, the only thing I know to write about is exactly what is going on in my life. When I say that, I mean, I did not really learn a huge life lesson or go through a traumatic event. I simply lived life as a wife and friend. The last two weeks of my life have been a little chaotic but in a good way.

Yesterday, I sat in a waiting room while my husband had his gallbladder removed via a laparoscopic surgery. He had been experiencing noticeable nauseating stomach problems for nearly two months.

At first, the doctors thought it might’ve been acid reflux. But, after nearly a month of taking a prescription to help the problem, it was better but still persistent. Then, he had an ultrasound, only to find out he had a gallstone. Finally, we had some answers.

After meeting with his surgeon, we learned that gallstones cannot be air-blasted out of someone’s system like a kidney stone. They would only come back. Therefore, the only option was to remove his gallbladder completely.

Surgically speaking, it was a minor surgery. It’s fairly common for people to get their gallbladder out. In fact, within the week leading up to the surgery, we knew of five people who previously had their gallbladder removed.

Although it was considered a minor surgery, my husband and I were still a little nervous. This was his first surgery ever. I had heel cord surgery at the age of five, so I had somewhat of an idea of what would happen. My husband had no idea.

The wait leading up to the moment on the day of was a bit excruciating. Days before the surgery, my husband was more than ready to get it done. Not because he was in unbearable pain, but because it meant getting back to his normal self sooner rather than later.

Eventually, he went back for the procedure. He was in post-op within 30 minutes, which was such a huge relief. Waiting to get discharged took a little bit longer than we thought it would, but he did finally get to go home.

It sure is wonderful to have my husband home, even if he is living the life of a potato for a while. There’s no sweeter reassurance than to know he is no longer in pain because of his gallstones. Nothing hurt worse than to see the man I love in pain and not being able to relieve it.

Lastly, I tell you: This was the first time in our marriage that either of us really had a big procedure. It’s funny how I had ideas of when this type of event or that type of event would occur in our marriage. I can tell you right now, I did not think we would be preparing for and recovering from a surgery removing an organ.

Nor did I think many other events would occur in our first year of marriage. Alas, God had and still has different plans for our lives. It is in those unexpected plans we see His faithfulness take root. It is in those plans that we see He cares for us in His perfect will and timing.




2 thoughts on “Life Update: An Unexpected Surgery

  1. My dear friend here in Nebraska has that same procedure two years ago. He’s been eating normally since a week or two after the procedure – no restrictions. So Aaron should be back to normal soon. But yes, it was very painful for him prior to the surgery. The attacks were excruciating.
    – Arnie

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