In His Timing: Take Hold of “Aha!” Moments


I am one of those people whom you can try to teach something a hundred times and I won’t process the lesson. It doesn’t matter how many times someone has said the same exact thing to me beforehand. Some lessons I simply won’t learn until I figure it out and come to the conclusion myself.

My walk with God is quite similar. I can read a passage hundreds of times and still not get it. However, I will suddenly understand what I had read all along at the most random moments. For example, today, while heading home, the verse Micah 6:8, “And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” popped in my head. I am not saying I am a biblical scholar by any means, but the Lord is teaching me.

It took going through a current life trial for me to understand just what God was saying to the people of Israel. God does not want things or legalism when we come to Him. He wants us. He wants our hearts. God does not call His people to bring Him things in order to please. He wants a justice-seeking, merciful, and humble heart.

He wants this in our interactions with Him and with others. Of course, He is the ultimate judge and ruler, but He wants us to do what we know is morally right. Yet, also, have mercy on others, especially if they are the same people who need justice served upon them. Let me explain.

Let’s say someone you love hurts you. God calls you to forgive that person, yes. However, just because you deeply love the person does not mean they get off scot free for hurting you. I am not saying you will seek revenge upon them. But, you will be careful around this person. In fact, you may not trust this person as much anymore. Pain and hurt don’t come without some form of restoration.

I think the hardest of these lessons God requires of man is walking humbly with Him. There are a lot of times when I want to lash out at someone because of the pain, but I can’t. There are also a lot of times I want to think a circumstance turned out the way it did because of something I did. But, that is incorrect.

Humility is not only letting go of anger but it is also giving the glory to God. Humility is not only praising God when life makes sense but also praising Him when it is utterly confusing.

If what God requires of man sounds difficult in our strength, I can assure you, it indeed is. If this current trial in my life has taught me anything, it is how much I need Jesus Christ for every breath and step I take. God doesn’t call us to be perfect. He calls us to imperfectly rely on Him.

I tell you this, even if takes until your dying breath to understand the love of God, then so be it. Everything works in His timing, which is probably why humans get frustrated when people like me don’t understand concepts or ideas. But, that’s okay. Take hold of those random “Aha!” moments.

Imperfectly rely on Him and rest in His truth.




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