Brewing My Coffee Passion: From the Grounds Up

“I am a coffee fanatic. Once you go to proper coffee, you can’t go back. You cannot go back.” – Hugh Laurie.

I remember the first time I drank a cup of coffee. My grandma made it for me as part of my breakfast one day. She came over to my house to watch us kids. I think I was in middle school at the time. Like most children, I grew up hearing adults rave about the wonders of coffee. Now, keep in mind, my parents did not drink it. The coffee I did try that fateful day was some she brought with her. Of course, I thought the coffee was gross. I remember wanting to spit it out because of the bitterness. My grandma, as any devoted coffee drinker would do, assured me it was only bad because I did not have any crème, milk, or sugar. Even after adding milk and sugar, I was not pleased.

Nearly 10 years later, I absolutely love coffee. I could not imagine a day without it. I cannot tell you what changed my opinion. But, what I can tell you is why I named this blog coffee soothes the soul and why the beverage is important to me now.

Drinking coffee is more than part of my morning routine; it is a passion. Aside from writing, nothing relaxes me and calms me more than a good ‘ole cup of joe. Essentially, that is why I named my blog in reference to coffee. Someone can learn insurmountable life lessons when in fellowship with another human soul and a cup of brewed goodness. Someone can also learn insurmountable life lessons when processing ideas and thoughts in written form. In my eyes, both are essential to who I am and who I aspire to be.

Often times, one can find my husband and me at a local coffee shop. Trying out local shops is one of our most treasured bonding activities. We thoroughly seek out the richest ingredients and flavors. At any new place, my instant choice is the vanilla latte, while my husband prefers a chocolate mocha. We solely base our opinions of a location with those select drinks.

It may seem strange to some to continuously use the same drink. There is a logical reason. I know what I am looking for in an amazing vanilla latte; therefore, I go with what I know and strive to make it even better than the last. There is nothing wrong with building on greatness already present. Half the fun of our coffee shop hopping adventures is wondering if a drink can improve. Of all the joys in drinking coffee, I think the journey of finding another satisfying brew is what makes it my passion. There is nothing like that first sip upon finding the ultimate vanilla latte from that hole in the wall shop, creating a masterpiece my taste buds have never known before.

Currently, the most flavorful vanilla latte I have ever had comes from a locally owned business in Estes Park, Colorado called Inkwell and Brew. I bought a mug there so I would not forget where to go next time I am in Estes Park.

To this day, I am continuously amazed at my passion for coffee. Some, if not most, may think this is weird, and that is okay with me. As for me, I am grateful that I found a simple beverage that can positively impact my life and those around me. Stay tuned, next week, I will share how my passion has turned into one of my greatest ministry tools.




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