A Spin on the Normal Routine: Disney Challenge

A fellow blogger and friend of mine challenged me to this fun Disney questionnaire. Considering how busy I have been lately, I thought, why not? Besides, I love Disney films way too much. Ironically enough, I spent all last week discussing how I prefer television shows over movies, which I do. But, if I were to watch a movie, it would more than likely be a Disney film, especially any time I want to be nostalgic.

Favorite Disney movie of all time? Tarzan

Favorite Disney Character? Koda, from Brother Bear. Now, I know most people would typically say their favorite Disney character is in their favorite film, but I just LOVE Koda. The bear in the film encompasses brotherhood and unconditionally love so beautifully.

First Disney movie seen in cinemas? Treasure Planet. Not only was it the first Disney film I saw in theatres, it was the first film I saw in theatres, period. I am not a big fan of the movie now, but I will watch it every now and again.

What Disney item do you collect the most? I do not collect many items from Disney, really. If I did, I would probably just get coffee mugs to further my always growing collection.

What is your favorite Disney song? “You Will Be in My Heart” from Tarzan is definitely high on the list. This is probably one of the toughest questions you could ask a devote Disney fan. A song is most memorable to me during a poignant part of a movie. Another song I love is “On My Way” from Brother Bear. I will keep it at those two songs, but the list really is endless.

Which Disney voice actor would you like to meet? I would absolutely love to meet Zachary Levi, voice actor of Flynn Rider in Tangled. He also stars in one of my all-time favorite television shows, Chuck. I would love to nerd-out and talk with him about his acting experience. And, if I could meet any musical genius behind Disney, without a doubt, it would be Phil Collins. He is the legendary voice behind countless classic songs.

Favorite Disney movie that is not a classic? Monsters University; the film has only been out for a few years. However, I love it for the back story we learn about Sully and Mike. As always, the writer in me loves further developing a connection with characters. The film does just that while providing great laughs and thematic elements as well!

Flounder, Sebastian or Scuttle? Sebastian, hands down. He is just the best little crab a mermaid could ask for. But really, I prefer him over all because he is the protective figure for Ariel. Even when she goes away and makes him upset, he still wants to help her.

Saddest moment in a Disney movie? Here’s a little tidbit you all may not know about me: I am not the most emotional of individuals on the surface. However, movies make me cry. In fact, I almost always judge how good a film is solely by if it makes me cry. That may be a little depressing, but for someone like me who does not cry often, it means something. With that being said, there are two significant moments Disney made me bawl my eyes out. First, the opening scene of Up. I think almost everyone who saw Up cried within the first ten minutes of the movie. I think that is what makes the film so great, too. Instantaneously, audiences felt connected to the story. It was in that opening scene that movie-making changed, and for the better. I cried witnessing the beauty of the beginning and end of a love relationship. I am sure if I watched it again, I would be even more emotional simply knowing I am going through that life journey in a few short months. It really is breathtakingly wonderful. Secondly, the closing scene of Toy Story 3. The biggest reason why that scene got to me is that in those two minutes, I felt my childhood officially ending. I grew up watching the series, so to see Andy give away his toys told me I was officially an adult. It may sound cheesy and unrealistic, but I think everyone has that moment in life where they realize childhood really has ended. Now, that isn’t to say that someone cannot be a child at heart, but responsibilities do come along.

Which Disney princess has the best sidekick? I was not really into the Disney princesses, to be honest. However, I did rather enjoy Mushu, Mulan’s sidekick of a fierce dragon.

Of the lesser known Disney movies, which would you recommend? This is tough for me to answer because I did not watch many Disney movies outside of the classics, and even then, I have not seen many of the classics!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for reading through this fun survey with me. I would love your input! Share your answers on some of these questions, or better yet, recommend a film to me! I would also be interested to see if there is anyone who does not like Disney films. I know there is someone out there. I think it could provide some great discussion. Regardless, I know this post was unlike my others. I just thought it would be exciting to change things up a bit, especially considering summer is here! I assure you next week’s post will be back to the usual; I have had one of the busiest weeks of my life, so a spin on the normal routine was necessary.




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