My Writing: From the Beginning

“If the writing is honest, it cannot be separated from the man that wrote it.” — Tennessee Williams.

As an English major, I am a lover of words, whether they be in the form of a quote, book, or paper. From a very young age, I remember vividly enjoying the writing process, and all that it entailed. For the longest time, writing was my escape from reality and all of the turmoils I faced. I would not be quick to say to I had an extremely difficult childhood, but I would definitely say it was one filled with many trials. Writing was my only way to understand what exactly I was going through.

Growing up, I did not have a relationship with God; therefore, I had no one to turn to. As an introvert, major nerd, and bookworm, I did not have many friends. I mean, yes, I can remember being around the same kids all the time and thinking they were my friends. But, now that I look back, they weren’t. We were mere acquaintances. Honestly, I was just the girl who was the teacher’s daughter, who struggled on a daily basis to embrace her adoption and disability.

I honestly do not remember the first time I really began to enjoy writing. It just came so naturally to me. My first real memory of actively writing on a consistent basis came when I was a staff member of the newspaper at my grade school. Yes, my grade school had a newspaper. It was during my experiences there that my love for writing and meeting new people started to unfold. I have been on several newspaper staffs since grade school. I can still say today I most thoroughly enjoyed interviewing people, and turning their experiences into a great piece of writing. Granted, some days it was much harder than others to get said thoughts to paper, but I always made it possible. Typically, I do not get writer’s block, but when I do, there is no doubt about it. It can last much longer than appreciated.

Anyway, because I liked writing, I did not mind writing papers during schools. In fact, I generally looked forward to doing so. Each paper meant another opportunity for growth. I have had experience writing articles, poems, stories, and memoirs of sorts. I have written a little bit of everything, though I enjoy memoir type the most. When it came to school, I loved reading a piece of writing, and then answering questions about it. It allowed me to connect deeper on multiple levels.

Truthfully, I do not write as much I used to; that is part of the reason why I began this blog. Writing is a stress reliever for me, which I know I will need with every passing day that gets closer to my wedding. Regardless, it is an outlet for me. Now, I spend most of my time helping others write papers and improve them. If I had to have a “favorite” part of the entire writing process, I would have to say it involves editing a manuscript. It is satisfying to take apart a document, and uncover the beauty that is already within it. Most people I talk to think they are bad writers, and I do not necessarily think that is true. I think there is a writer in all of us; someone just has to let it flourish. Countless of people typically do not take the time to have someone read their paper a loud to them. There is a beauty and awesomeness in closing your eyes and just listening. It is amazing what people discover simply by truly, and I mean, truly listening to a composition of words. People focus on the intimidating technical aspects of a story or work of prose, instead of sinking into the life that lies within.

As long as the writing is honest, nothing else matters. To me, the most important part of any piece is the author’s voice. Without the author’s voice, all I see and hear are words. With an author’s voice comes character, substance, and truth. I can connect with the writer’s voice instantaneously.

I suppose I wrote all of this just to say that writing isn’t just a method of practice, but it is a beautiful art form and way of expression for me. Everyone needs that one way to show the world who they are in whatever way, shape, or form it may be. It does not matter if you have practiced this art for years, like I have been blessed to do, just newly began, or have yet to figure it out. All you have to do is take the time to explore.

Lastly, be sure to check out my “About” page. I finally updated it. I got so excited about actually creating a blog last week, that I did not change it.




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